BJM Marketing Services Process


Before Using a Sales & Marketing Service…

  1. Assess your needs. Clear objective, budget, return-on-investment, and implementation methods.
  2. Plan and design. It’s a great idea to visualize every stage of your initiative and whether to consider seeking the help of others.
  3. Evaluate your Ideas. First define realistically your needs, what resources you have in place, consult others with similar experience, Start putting together a final strategy, such as whom you are trying to reach, and so forth. Create a monitoring and analytical system to measure your performance.
  4. Implementation. You could implement it yourself or get others who would likely do a better job and you could focus your time on other things like taking care of your customers.
  5. Keep Monitoring. or try something else. )



  • You start by contacting us and go through an initial, exploratory session and a get to know you session, about 10 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Through form submission or call or e-mail will be directed to one of our Customer & Marketing Representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you have, understand your objectives and arrange a possible time to meet or discussion.
  • Meet and gather critical information, which will enable us to understand your needs. To clearly understand internal & external operation.
  • Upon mutual agreement to proceed and retention fee received, we’ll sit down to develop terms, compensation,staffing, training, etc. Any necessary resources needed to begin execution. If necessary provide a comprehensive sales and marketing plan including guidelines and metrics designed to drive the organization to success.
  • We manage and monitor our progress and work with you to improve or suggest changes.

**3 Months or longer contract include a 10% discount.
**Retention Fee Applicable $1520 US Dollars
**For Detail of Simple Trial + Marketing Package or Bootstrap, contact us with our contact us form

All information shared in session is strictly confidential and if there are significant conflicts of interest, we’ll not work with you or your business.

Our time and schedules are crazy so please go through our faq / publications /eInfo Guides or social media conversations to learn about us, answers and services


If we can assist you, we’ll let you know next steps or possibly refer you to someone who can.

**We usually start out with a TEST DRIVE.
**3 Months or longer contract welcomed.
**Retention Fee Applicable $1520 US Dollars
**For Detail of Simple Trial + Marketing Package or Bootstrap, contact us with our contact us form

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