Real Estate Local USA Consultants Services Offer

Special Real Estate Offer

Wait! Before You Drop Six Figures on Real Estate In The USA. . .

Get Our Local Team To Check Out The Area & Property For You.

***We are your hired, non-agent,—eyes, hears, and hands when it comes to buying USA Real Estate (Single Family, Multi-Family, Apartment Buildings).***

  • We can help you on your investment journey like a Friend or Local Partner
  • Whether you are Non-US Residents exploring your USA options
  • Whether you are a Canadian exploring your USA, Indiana, Mid-West options
  • Whether you are an American in the US / Canadian wanting to buy in the USA, Indiana, or Midwest
  • Whether unable to be there locally to check out the area
Please chose which best represents you, thanks.
(Please, tell us the purpose of message in as much detail as possible)


The quick education of this offer. Contact us if you have questions. We are not real estate agents. We are simply your local eyes if you cannot be there to check out potential investment properties. Plus we may assist in finding buyers agents.

Attending Open Houses

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We have friends, and contacts all over the United States. Plus access to some incredible people that live in the counties that are glad to share the pros and cons of living / working in their county.

Simply fill out the form above and we will provide instruction to help you begin checking out properties in the USA. ***Must Be Presently Living / Working In North America

***Must be 18+

***We Provide Unbiased Views cause We Are Not Real Estate Agents


Top benefits is that it saves you time and money. In the initial steps.

  • No Travel & Hotel Cost
  • No Time Wasted
  • No Chasing Bad Opportunities
  • No Expensive Commitments
  • No Culture Learning Curve


Varies based on need, neighborhood, local demand, complexity, packages start from $2500USD to $13500USD & higher.

***For a limited trial, reach out before end of SEPTEMBER 2023.

Neighborhoods / Schools / Lifestyle Feel

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Fun Love Relationships Family

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