MBHVIM Investments

The next few decades will be exciting and terrifying for many. The game of problem solving will always continue forever. Chances are there will be similar social and economic issues. As investors, founders, and community members we hope our ability to eradicate some problems would be a blessing to man kind.

Yet till that day, entrepreneurship in a tougher market, in a global – social – financial world will remain our purpose driven play ground.

Investing Only in WIN-WIN-WIN

We welcome credible investors, credible partners, credible founders, credible entrepreneurs, credible members, credible institutions to support / participate on the basis of universal values. “Do onto others as you’d want done on to you”.

Simple right?

So we also want you if you are:

  • Credible
  • You bring out the constructive best from people / businesses / investments
  • The desire for financial & Social Freedom is strong
  • You give back to diverse communities
  • Your desire for having a constructive purpose is strong
  • Unwavering passion for humanity & the world
  • Opportunity to be creator(s) and opportunity to be discoverer(s).
  • Willing to wrap mind, body, soul, reputation and life to it.
  • Willing to ask questions, when answered still weigh your actions carefully
  • Are always grateful

In a world on earth and outer-space, ongoing uncertainty is constant, the ideal members / investors must be able to enjoy the uncertainty. . .well unless you can predict the future.

Whether it may be in the form of Real Estate, VC, PE, Stocks, Startups, etc. be diligent in your risk assessment. We’d be glad to have you.

***General Information: If you cannot afford to lose $15,000USD please keep learning and earning. If you want to know of any specific opportunities or have one, please sign up with your full detail. Also make sure you have your own advisers to assist in your decisions.