Get Affordable Conveniences & Co-Living Property Offer

Special Opportunity Offer

Conveniences & Co-Living Property

Get an early entry membership to new opportunity that provides wholesales prices on goods and services while living in a remarkable Co-Living Property.***

***We are developing a new format to access ementies and Co-Living. Inflation has made cost of living terrifying. WE CAN BULK PURCHASE FOOD, UTILITIES, SERVICES,ETC. FOR MEMBERS

  • As a member, you get exclusive pricing, huge savings events and special perks.
  • Save on groceries and other essentials
  • So many convenient ways to shop, including Online checkout, Curbside Pickup and Same-Day Delivery.
  • Eliminating costly pantry setup and stocking time
  • Eliminating the researching of vendors and service providers
  • Access to many Co-Living options in Canada and United State.***

***Ground floor new business opportunity in exploratory stage.

Please chose which best represents you, thanks.
(Please, tell us the purpose of message in as much detail as possible)


The quick education of this offer. Contact us if you have questions. We use many providers to get you what you need. So you can enjoy your peers, friends in our co-living properties.

Membership Convenience

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We have access to retail experts, e-commerce tools, developers, property managers, technology, equipment, credible tech contacts that understand real estate.

Simply fill out the form above and we will provide instruction to help you decide if membership and / or investor will suit you. Canada & USA. ***Currently Serving those Presently Living / Working In Ontario

***Must be 18+

***We Provide Quality Control, Verified Workers & Partners, and Customer Service


Top benefits is that it saves you time, money and future cost.

  • No More Retail Prices
  • No Time Searching For Deals
  • No More Carrying All Household Cost
  • No Expensive Commitments
  • No More Living Alone
  • No More Individual Expensive Property Management
  • No More Operation Burdens and Emergency


Varies based on need, neighborhood, local demand, complexity, packages are available.

***For a limited trial, reach out before end of JANUARY 2024.

Concept Floor Plan

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Mailbox & Postal Services

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