BJM Marketing Services Assessment Audit Pricing

Assessment, Audit, & Analysis Package Pricing & Table

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Billed Quarterly*
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Billed Per Project*

***Please note we decide which item and  combination suite you. We don’t do all this for your project. 
Quick Marketing AuditY
Real-time Marketing AdjustmentY
Full Marketing AuditY
General Business AuditY
Content AuditY
Macro-environment AuditY
Micro-environment AuditY
Marketing systems audit.Y
Marketing strategy audit.Y
Marketing performance auditY
Marketing Advertising and Outreach AuditY
Customer Service & Experience AuditY
Website AuditY
SEO/SEM Audit​:Y
Social Media Audit​Y
Email/Marketing Automation Audit​Y
Weekly Activity ReportingY
Monthly Metrics Reporting Y
Quarterly Analytics Reporting and AnalysisY
Develop Data VisualizationsY
Powerpoint presentation Y
Excel Y
Power BIY
Brand AssessmentY
Marketing Sales Funnel AssessmentY
Data Analysis & AssessmentY
Google AnalyticsY
Social Media AnalyticsY
Facebook AnalyticsY
Instagram AnalyticsY
LinkedIn AnalyticsY
Twitter AnalyticsY
YouTube AnalyticsY
Priority Email SupportY
Custom Training and Onboarding_
Dedicated Account Manager_

***Delivery time starts when we receives requirements from you and agreed to perform the work according to signed documents. Please Check Out “BJM Terms of Service” Page or visit the “Help & Support” Page

***Revisions may occur with further Consultation.

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