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Even the media and entertainment industry is not immune to the upcoming changes. There was a time Netflix was the only popular kid on the block till others mastered how to be just as good or even better. It’s a changing landscape – – -delivery, advertisement, audiences, taste, models, leaders, etc all changing.

The communication space is no different. More and more people stay in touch using tools that’s outside the traditional cell phone carriers or landlines.

All we can say is agile. The industry must constantly be agile. Know when to hold, pass and when to fold, – a poker analogy.

What to consider and think about:

  • More innovation and more competition
  • More pressure on business models
  • There are tremendous opportunities amid the turbulence
  • In-person entertainment grows
  • Go beyond dragging people out from their home to a venue
  • People desire friendship making, love, belong, social capital & bonding activities
  • NFTs
  • Use of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the decentralized web grows
  • Metaverses
  • Web 3.0
  • VR / AR (Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality )
  • Book publications, games, movies, music, etc. will continue to be consumed.
  • eSports broadcasting grows
  • Boosted user experience
  • Mental health tools and devices will grow in demand
  • Questionable AI usage in this industry will grow
  • Deep-fakes
  • Habits forming tools
  • Online dating services will get better at matching
  • Event optimizing tools will grow
  • In-Person event, bar, venue safety technologies grow
  • Contact less payment methods
  • Contact less admissions
  • Devices for self pleasure grows
  • More meal and merchandise ordering
  • Data privacy may become more critical in decision making just like a return policy
  • Content personally designed
  • Regulations
  • new platforms emerge

We never claim to know everything or solve everything. We simply immerse ourselves in your business, your world, the industry, and try to see thing from your perspective and others perspective which then leads to best fit solutions.

We are ready to serve as you navigate further. Reach out with detail about your organization, objectives and we’ll inform you what we can do for you.

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